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  Maintaining Family Bonds

Written on July 10, 2016   By   in Family

Do you find you have less and less time to spend with your parents and siblings? Are you working crazy hours and going out solo, or spending a lot of time with your spouse and children, and feel you are losing some connection with your family?

The amount of time available to spend with your family of origin may be limited, or you may be growing distant as a result of living apart, having different interests or dealing with conflicts over how you should be living your life. The question is: How can you maintain and/or build your family relationships in order to have a close relationship with them, in spite of these varying stumbling blocks?

1. Use technology to stay in touch. If you don’t get to see your family as often as you would like, there are many ways to stay in touch using technology. I recently set my parents up on Skype with a webcam so that they could chat with my brother’s kids over the computer while getting to see their faces! I use Instant Messaging software to chat with my cousins and now, with the advent of Facebook, I can see quick updates of what my cousins are up to and provide them with updates on my life, as well. Although technology can seem impersonal, it can be a great tool for quick interactions or to catch up with family members when you cannot see them in person.

2. Reminisce together. The more you remember the good times together and/or grieve the hard times together, the closer you and your family members can become. By remembering old stories, you can laugh together, share stories and remember the times you shared with your immediate and/or extended family and friends. By bringing up the past, sharing old stories and remembering fun times, you can rebuild relationships and remind yourselves that the fondness, understanding and fun can be experienced again.

3. Express yourself. Sometimes, family bonds can be strained when one person’s feelings are hurt by something that was done or said by another member of the family. In order to maintain close bonds, express your concerns or your hurt feelings. Family members often don’t know that what they said or did was hurtful. If it is a recurring problem, learn to set boundaries. For example, if a family member continues to berate your work, let them know that this is upsetting to you, and that you would like to avoid that topic in the future. Expressing your feelings, hurts, anger and happiness with family is a way to be authentic with them and share who you really are so that you can be close and enjoy the time you spend together.

4. Spend quality time together. Spending time together is one of the easiest ways to maintain close ties with your family. Although time with family can sometimes be stressful, it can also be fun, encouraging and full of laughter. If you live close to your family, dedicate one night a week to a family dinner; if you don’t live close enough for weekly visits, figure out a way to visit each other once a month or once every couple of months; and if you live even farther apart, try to arrange an annual reunion. No matter the avenue you decide to take, spending quality time with your family will allow you to build or maintain the close relationships you are looking for.

5. Create family traditions. Create some memorable family traditions that can be passed down to future generations. Whether it is a family vacation to the beach each year, baking Christmas cookies together each holiday season, fun summer picnics, Sunday dinners, or an annual family reunion including extended family, find something that will be memorable and fun, and be sure to follow through on making them traditions. The more effort you put into these traditions, the more you will want to honor them, as they will become something to look forward to.

Family relationships and bonds can be hard to maintain as we get older, go our own ways and as our lives gets busy. Every family has their share of stress and conflict, but if you remember the importance of the great things family can bring to your life – connection, love, stability, laughter and joy – you will see that the good things far outweigh the bad. Spending some time either visiting, calling or sharing will help keep the bonds strong, and allow you to have healthy, positive relationships with family members for years to come.

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  Matching Family Pajamas is the Best Way to Bring a Family Closer Together

Written on July 5, 2016   By   in Family

Family Pajamas should be one of your top priorities because sleeping is one of the most important activities that help rest your body, you will benefit from resting your body to relieve stress and it is also A pain reliever. Sleep is a very important aspect in order for your body and mind to be prepared for the following day of activities. To make sure that the rest of the family receives their sufficient sleep you could buy family pajamas that would add to the relaxation and comfort.

If you happen to live in a hot climate then you may want to purchase silk pajamas to keep cooler, on the other hand if you live in a colder climate then you may want to have the fleece pajamas.

If you are trying to think of ways that you can create unforgettable family traditions with your family, or maybe you have some already, but you would like to enhance them with more fun and activities, then you will find Christmas as a time that you will be able to involve the whole family and have them wear matching family pajamas.

The great thing about matching family pajamas is that it will draw the family in together as a group putting them all in a cheery and pleasant mood. Regardless of whom a person is or what their age everyone will be happy to wear family pajamas or matching family pajamas with pretty designs and colors.

Have you been searching for a special and clever way to send out those Christmas cards this year, because a fantastic idea would be to get the entire family together in their family pajamas for the picture, maybe even standing in front of the tree would be nice for your friends and family to enjoy.

Gathering the family together in the kitchen in their matching family pajamas would be a great way to get everyone baking cookies and in the right mood for Santa’s arrival. Another fun activity to do in your family pajamas for all to enjoy would be to prepare the vegetables and set the table on Christmas Eve together, just remember to capture these moments on film.

A special and memorable event during the Christmas season is decorating the Christmas tree. This is another great time for your family to put on their matching family Christmas pajamas. Again, you must be sure to be taking photographs.

Every year there is always some special traditional Christmas shows that are on TV, this would be a great time for the entire family to gather in their family pajamas, pop some popcorn and everyone can cuddle up on the couch for a special family time.

You will surely see that there is a large variety of pajamas on the market. When you are going to be choosing some nightware remember to pick ones that will give you comfort according to the climate that you live in.

After you have purchased the fitting set of pajamas, you can rest easy knowing your whole family can sleep a great sleep so that they can fulfill the things needed to be done the following day on Christmas morning.

The first and foremost thing you should be thinking about is if the pajamas you are looking to buy are comfortable since style can take a back seat in this instance. Keep in mind no one but the family and loved one will see these pajamas. You will surely notice that style should come into second place as compared to having the comfort you need in your sleepware for fun and for sleep.

Keep in mind you will benefit abundantly more with comfortable family pajamas. It is completely essential that you get your needed sleep in, think about this when searching for family pajamas. You may also want to put into consideration having custom-made pajamas for your family; this option would be for people who are searching for the best fitting pajamas.

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  Saving Your Family From Being Emotionally Spent When Money’s Gone

Written on May 21, 2016   By   in Family

Government jobs report of July 2010 show that the recession killed off 7.9 million jobs; some of which will not return. The report continued, “Businesses have slowed their pace of hiring to a trickle.” New job hiring is also at a trickle, adding only a few hundred thousand a month without the industries that offer salaries and benefits a family needs.

Almost a year later, at the time of launch of Atlantis, many newspapers reported the bittersweet story of the end of the space shuttle program, which, having had a victorious thirty year run, is facing the end of an era. Add to that the many automotive industry workers laid off; the housing foreclosure crisis that left many families homeless, there are millions of former gainfully employed people pondering their fate. What is a family to do?

Step One: Discuss the Changes

If your employment has been with a company or category that allowed the family to prosper, the change might be hard pill to swallow.You have to have a strategy for recovery so that the fallout from the loss does not defeat you and the family.

Plan How to Tell the Family.

Take an Assessment of the family’s “Character”. Have you ever evaluated your family’s temperament? Do you have a family philosophy regarding each other, the community in which you live, how your family relates to others; do you believe in God? Many of these factors will play a role in how you manage the current job loss/cash flow problem.
Additional Factors

Your Age

Layoffs hit harder the older you are, the longer you’ve been in the industry, the less savings, the closer the oldest is to college or marriage, and other such matters.
Age of Your Children

Younger children will not need too much detail; just enough to answer the “Why can’t I have or do that anymore” questions.

Late elementary through middle school can handle more facts and given more responsibilities.If necessary, ease them into the area of household tasks if it’s new to them.

High school students need more facts especially if they have to get a job to help the family, give up a promised vehicle or attend a career school instead of a university. Bring them into the discussion; they are more likely to be more helpful if they have participated in the process.
Family History for Candid Discussion

What has your family’s openness been up to the point of the loss of finances? Do you have times of open discussion within the family? If you are not sure, start. Make sure when you introduce the idea of gathering together that the environment is encouraging and upbeat.

Parents, try to be amicable in speech; let you and body language be hospitable.

Pick a time that suits everyone’s schedule but not in a rushed atmosphere between meetings or chores.©
Visit for other guidelines on family nurturing communication during job and financial loss.

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  Family Values

Written on May 14, 2016   By   in Family

What is it exactly that makes up a healthy family and the good family values that are responsible for the guidance? A healthy family is one that sustains supports and nourishes each person in that family. A healthy family, with good family values, is able to utilize resources available and to live together in a healthy manner, and keeps the bond strong.

A family that is parented by a happily married couple allows the other people in that family to be able to express themselves more freely. They will not be afraid to speak, and what they say won’t be filtered through the problems of uncertainty. A blissful marriage seems to set the tone in the home, and is the basis for a healthy family. The whole healthy, happy atmosphere surrounding that family will spill over into the community and allow that family to reach out and help others. A healthy, happy family tends not to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, but enjoy it in an expressive, nurturing nature.

Some important elements of a healthy family system with good family values include:

Flexibility and
Parents – The parents in a strong family set the tone. And should be good role models and lead by example. The parents should be afraid to reach out to community, extended family and friends and be able to teach their children the importance of doing the same. This sense of community will become a big part of who their children are. When parents work together to solve problems, either together or with community, the next generation will pick up on this and retain these skills as they grow.
Cohesion – The ability to stick and stay together. Cohesion in the family is a sense of belonging, a feeling of being loved, and being nurtured by that family. A balance between being together and being separate must always be kept, no matter how close the family is. A sense of support and confidence from the family allows a person to develop their individuality. Spending quality time together as well as commitment to each family member brings and keeps a family together.

Flexibility- The ability to change for each given situation, while maintaining the core family values. If there is no structure in a family it will become chaotic and will become a very unhealthy environment for all members of that family. Along with structure, there must be some flexibility within the family. When the parents are too strict and have no flexibility resentment will arise towards them. . Although the parents are in charge, all members develop the ability to cope with stress, and at times lead. The family should work towards avoiding stressful situations by working together to solve problems, without blaming, criticizing and finding fault with each other. A strong spiritual base in families seems to be healthier and really shows in times of stress, by each working together to get through the situation.

Communication- Failures to communicate can literally tear destroy a family. Healthy marriage and parents, family closeness, flexibility, time spent together and spirituality, are all things that smooth the progress of communication within a family. All members must feel a freedom within the family to express themselves freely.

Good decisions making is very important thing for families to teach their children. One of the easiest ways to do this is by example. If you make good decisions throughout the early years and continue through their teens, your children will see and they will tend to be good decision makers themselves

The whole community will benefit from a healthy family. Your children will grow up and lead healthy, productive lives and have their own healthy family all learned from the strong family values you had as they grew up.

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  A Recipe For the Renewal of Family Values

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Over the years our communities have become detached. We lost the free association with our neighbors that people enjoyed fifty years ago. Today we can live in a community for years and not even know our neighbors. For whatever reason, we have lost our community spirit. We desperately need to get it back. Nearly all of our national problems could be solved by regaining it. The place we start is with the family. Once family values are restored, then we can regain the community spirit that has made our nation so successful in becoming the envy of the world.

The number one thing to do to accomplish this task is to do everything for the honor of God. This gives us an unselfish motive for the relationships we cultivate with our family and our neighbors. Without this attitude of submission to God, we have no foundation for a loving, caring relationship with others. Once our attitude toward God and His Word is made right, then everything else follows.

The family is the smallest community within the larger community. As the family goes, so goes the community. The community can be no better than its weakest family. Our first task, after getting our relationship with God right, is to strengthen our families in our community. The way to strengthen the family is to:

1. Strive to have an all-Christian family. This is at the top of the list because this establishes the solid foundation that will enable the family to create and maintain unity and cooperation in the home.

2. Place a high priority on daily family devotions. Relationships do not just happen. They must be nourished and built. The family devotion time enables the family to share their experience with God and others. It also helps them learn how to love and respect God and others. There is no better way to create a common bond in the family than at the family devotion time. When we lost this we lost our community. Restoring the family altar will go a long way toward saving our families.

3. Have each family member have daily private devotions. This is like checking in for work. The first thing you do is find out what is required of you for that day. Our devotion to God is twofold-we talk to God and He talks with us. To communicate with the God of the universe is the most wonderful thing we can ever do. As we develop our loving relationship with our Heavenly Father, we learn many things about life we could never know otherwise.

4. Have the whole family attend church together regularly. This is the first step in reaching out into the larger community. As we go to church together, we take our little community, called the family, to associate with other families. There is nothing like worshiping God in a church family setting. You are encouraged to know there are others who have the same values and interests as yours.

5. Play games together. By doing this, a healthy family learns to abide by “the rules” and to yield to the needs of others. You learn how to cooperate with others. You learn life is not all work. Life is full of fun times.

6. Work together. Every renewed family member should have something to do that will contribute to the function of the family unit. There should be an assigned task for each family member. Each family member should do his or her task without complaining. If one member is sick, the others carry the load.

7. Observe family traditions. Each family should have things that are passed down from one generation to the next. They also should have some traditions they can pass down to their children and grandchildren. This is what makes a family unique. These are sacred to a strong family.

8. Respect its family values. Family life is so much better when the family values are respected. A family without values is a “mad house.” It is a bunch of people in the house with nothing in common. The “glue” that holds a loving family together is their love for God and others, which makes the home a safe haven rather than a battle-zone.

9. Guard its family’s honor. In order to guard a bonded family’s honor, each family member must be honorable. This will go a long way toward maintaining strong moral and spiritual ethics in our community. This will make it possible to share with your community what God has done for you and your family.

10. Pray for one another. The best way to develop a love for others is to pray for them. If you have someone you do not like, pray for that person. You will be surprised how fast your dislike turns into a loving, caring attitude toward that person. Praying for family members is a way to show love to them. It is also a way to bring healing to your loved one.

11. Help one another. Be available for one another. A fully functional family cares for one another; does everything it can to make each member be successful; and helps each other with their family tasks.

12. Honor its order of command. This has to do with who is the boss. The father is the king. The mother is the queen. The children are the princes and princesses. God is the one that tells everyone in the family what to do.

13. Respect one another. Without this, nothing else will work. If you have no respect for God and your family members, you probably will not respect anyone else. Respect begins in the family. The process given above is conducive to advancing respect for God and others.

14. Be spontaneous in their love for God and others. Out of a love for God and others, each member in the renewed family joyfully does the above things. It becomes something they do without thinking. It becomes part of their nature. They do not give it a second thought. It is something they are, not just what they do.

This is the first article in a series of “renewal” articles. The next one in this series is called, “A Recipe For The Renewal Of The Community Spirit.”

Howard E. Wright’s book, 7 Steps to God’s Glorious Freedom would serve very well as an “operation manual” to help you renew your family. Feel free to download your FREE PDF copy of “7 Steps to God’s Glorious Freedom” at his International Lighthouse Ministries website or buy them from today.

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